links for 2010-06-04

  • Outlook Redemption works around limitations imposed by the Outlook Security Patch and Service Pack 2 of MS Office 98/2000 and Office 2002/2003/2007/2010 (which include Security Patch) plus provides a number of objects and functions to work with properties and functionality not exposed through the Outlook object model.

    As of version 4.0, Redemption library also includes the RDO (Redemption Data Objects) family of objects that can function as a CDO 1.21 replacement.

    With Outlook Redemption you can

    * Make your code run unaffected by the Security Patch.
    * Access properties not exposed by the Outlook Object Model (internet message headers, sender e-mail address and hundreds more properties)
    * Display Address Book.
    * Directly access RTF body of any Outlook item
    * Import MSG, EML (RFC822) and TNEF files
    * Export messages to the MSG, EML, TXT, HTML, TNEF, iCal and vCard formats.


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