Show PDF in Document Viewer on Sharepoint

Little trick but can be really interesting in some scenarios….

Take Flexpaper


FlexPaper displays documents in your favorite browser using flash. Its way of reusing display containers makes it possible to view large documents and books.

viaFlexPaper – the open source document viewer solution for pdf, doc, ..


Load all the necessary components (FlexPaperViewer.swf + js folder) into a document library on SharePoint.

Make a new Webpart-Page with an a Content-Editor Webpart on it. Edit the Source of the Content-Editor Webpart and paste the content of the FlexPaperViewer.html. Important: You have to strip some things  (like the <head> and <body> tag).

You also have to change some links (like the FlexpaperViewer.swf url and JS, and of course also the url to the converted PDF .swf).

After that…it works….


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