links for 2009-10-14

  • Ironically, the better SharePoint works, the greater the chance the wrong people will see the wrong things. Along with enhanced collaboration and ever-growing access come unwitting mishandling, data leakage, security compromise, and worse. Leaving you wide open to severe operational, competitive, compliance and legal issues. Now there’s a simple solution. DeliverPoint :Permissions shows you exactly who has access to what, and where. So you can delegate role-based control day to day, and maintain central oversight up to the minute. Only DeliverPoint :Permissions gives you the best of control and collaboration, to get the most from SharePoint – without the risk.
  • WinExt consists of a bar docked to the top or bottom of the screen and gives access to wide range of features while you work at your computer.

    The menus system serves you programs and documents with very few mouse clicks. You can set up your own menu structure that fits your needs by adding the files and folders you use most frequently.

    Below the menu you find an optional infobar with status indicators for CPU, memory, battery, and hard disk drive usage. This bar helps you monitor your system and gives easy access to the file manager and task manager.

    Selected features
    Menubar with support for special folders
    Status indicators for CPU, RAM, Battery, and HDD usage
    Colour theming and alpha blend
    Displays the currently playing song in WinAmp
    Note folder
    System wide hotkeys


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