links for 2009-09-03

  • Places utility allows users to customize Windows 'Save As' dialog. People that find themselves browsing through directories in 'Save As' dialog to organize their downloaded data or other files will benefit from this simple program (see the usage examples).

    Click the button below to download the Places utility.


    * This utility does not affect Microsoft Office Programs and other programs that do not use standard Windows 'Save As' template. Browsers, Email clients, editors, etc. seem to use the standard 'Save As' template.
    * The 'Places' utility doesn't work under Windows 95,98,Me.
    * A user must have administrator privilege to be able to change the settings. It is safe to try it though, if you are not sure about privileges of your Windows account.

  • Virtosoftware designs innovative web parts for Microsoft® SharePoint® 2007. We base on the best experience of Ajax and Silverlight technologies to create new and advanced web parts for SharePoint.

    – Virto Active Directory User Service for Microsoft SharePoint
    – Virto Ajax Web Part Calendar for Microsoft SharePoint
    – Virto Password Changer Web Part for Microsoft SharePoint
    – Virto Alerts Customizer for Microsoft SharePoint
    – Virto Workflow Activities Kit for Microsoft SharePoint Designer ®
    – Free Virto Clock & Weather Web Part for Microsoft SharePoint

  • A jQuery plugin for mobile web development on the iPhone,
    Android, Palm Pre, and other forward-thinking devices.

    Features Easy Setup · Native WebKit Animations · Image Preloading
    Callback Events · Flexible Themes · MIT Licensed
    Swipe Detection · Hosted on Google Code


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