links for 2009-09-01

  • Dynamic Dashboards Toolkit provides you a browser independent platform for creating ajax drag-drop widgets and digital dashboards in your Asp.Net application.

    Use Kalitte Dynamic Dashboards to

    * Convert any Asp.Net user control to a drag-drop widget/ web part to create dynamic web applications in minutes.
    * Create iGoogle/Analytics like digital dashboards using any data visualization library including free Kalitte Gauges.

    Key Properties

    * Easy to learn and use. No special training is required.
    * Reliable and widely used. Prefered by professional software companies.
    * Browser and database independent. Supports all browsers and can use any database to store metadata.
    * Affordable and professional. Also includes 1 year free subscription upon purchase.

  • See Adeptol Viewer in Microsoft Windows SharePoint in action. This demo provides an overview of the technology and shows how Adeptol's Viewer enables people to view information and various documents right within Sharepoint. Find out how Adeptol can help maintain security within your business processes and increase productivity.

    * View more than 500 document types within Microsoft Sharepoint
    *No need to download anything on user machine
    *No need for installation of any other software on server such as Office, PDF Reader, AutoCad, Tiff View etc
    *View right in browser. Zero footprint. No ActiveX Controls.
    *Built in Information Rights Management. Integrates with Sharepoint User Management & Permissions
    *Ability to enable true read only access in Sharepoint (Users can only view documents not print, save or copy)
    *Annotate documents right within Sharepoint
    *Comes ready with webparts for easy Sharepoint integration.


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