links for 2009-08-12

  • Mendeley Desktop is academic software that indexes and organizes all of your PDF documents and research papers into your own personal digital bibliography. It gathers document details from your PDFs allowing you to effortlessly search, organize and cite. It also looks up PubMed, CrossRef, DOIs and other related document details automatically. Drag and drop functionality makes populating the library quick and easy. The bookmarklet allows you to quickly and easily import papers from resources such as Google Scholar, ACM, IEEE and many more at the click of a button.
  • Remove digital noise from your photos.
    Make your photos look better.
  • GPS.NET is a formerly commercial .NET component maintained by GeoFrameworks, LLC from 2004 to 2009. In 2009, Jon Person decided to release the full source code of GPS.NET to the public domain for the benefit of the open source development community. This version (3.0) is the latest release which had a short lifespan before being released here on CodePlex.

    * Automatic detection of GPS devices (or devices found via a virtual serial port).
    * Automatic baud rate detection.
    * Automatic recovery of lost connections.
    * A single code base which supports .NET Framework 2.0/3.x and .NET Compact Framework 2.0/3.x.
    * Support for desktops and mobile devices.
    * Support for real-time GPS data without relying on Microsoft's GPS API.
    * Support for control and monitoring of precision.
    * A set of animated gauge controls for desktops and mobile devices (Altimeter, Compass, Speedometer, SatelliteViewer, SatelliteSignalBar).

  • KWizCom SharePoint 2007 Wiki Plus is an advanced, comprehensive and complete Wiki solution for SharePoint. Its unique additional features make it the ideal tool for true crossorganization knowledge sharing.

    Wiki Plus key features include:

    * Support for standard Wiki markup language
    * Improved content editing capabilities
    * Complete taxonomy solution (Web 2.0 tagging / Hierarchical categories)
    * Content rating (5 stars)
    * Support for RSS feeds / Alerts / subscriptions on wiki pages
    * Content lifecycle management
    * Support for discussions on Wiki pages
    * Advanced reporting
    * Wiki content templates
    * Enable adding images and file attachments to wiki pages – the easy way!

  • Visionet’s VisiMigrate tool provides automated content migration from Lotus Notes to the Microsoft SharePoint platform. VisiMigrate offers out-of-thebox functionality to transform content from common Lotus Notes databases such as document repositories, discussions, and tasks to SharePoint Lists, Document Libraries, and more.

    Along with the Enterprise version, Visionet offers a lite version of the VisiMigrate toolset – VisiMigrate Lite – that provides a thin client based solution for Standard Lotus Notes content overthe- web. It provides simplified work management features where the users can select the content to be migrated and VisiMigrate does the rest. Users can even filter for documents and data to be migrated in the process.


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