links for 2009-07-21

  • WiimoteLib is a .NET managed library for using a Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) and extension controllers from a .NET application. Below are the important links needed to get started with the library.

    * Download the latest version
    o The latest version is always available at CodePlex. Click the link above and select the Releases tab for access to the library and source code
    * Coding4Fun article
    o This library started out as an article at the Coding4Fun site. The article is a great starting point to learn how to use the library as well as to learn how it was written.
    * Support forums
    o Having an issue using the library? Post a message in the forums.
    * Spiffy applications using WiimoteLib
    o I maintain a list of applications using the library. Contact me or drop a comment on the page if you have written an application you'd like to add to the list.


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