links for 2009-06-17

  • Improved SharePoint Manageability
    Smaller content databases translate into less operational challenges and compromises. No more long backup times…you can quickly backup and restore content databases and with site collection and web application -scoped storage profiles it's easy to sync those backups with backups and snapshots of the file store. No more need for complicated item level backup/restore solutions… extend Recycle Bin retention times and remove version retention restrictions…and with compression you're still storing less than before.
    Increased SharePoint Performance and Scalability
    StoragePoint moves the content BLOB I/O (read/write) from the SQL tier to the SharePoint Web Front-ends, which is more easily and economically scaled-out. …And if SQL is not being burdened with managing large content BLOBs it has more resources to process queries and manage transactions.
  • From a Lotus Notes sidebar, Mainsoft’s easy-to-deploy, client-side software enables users to easily:

    Drag an attachment from SharePoint into a Lotus Notes email.

    * Access and publish emails and documents on SharePoint, without having to switch applications.
    * Collaborate on documents using Lotus Sametime.
    * Send document links rather than attachments, reducing email storage.
    * Update document fields to comply with SharePoint taxonomy and governance requirements.
    * Manage SharePoint team events from an integrated Lotus Notes calendar view, simplifying time management considerably.

  • Here is the new qDiscussionView from the 5.0 release of WebParts. This is a free unrestricted use of this WebPart. This is for 64-bit systems, for the 32-bit version go here.

    After download run setup and install this on the required SharePoint Front End Servers for which you are an administrator of. After Install this WebPart will be available to any site owner on the server.

    This WebPart is forum supported at this forum

  • Silverlight Spy provides detailed inspection of any Silverlight application. Use the built-in browser to navigate to a web page. Silverlight Spy will automatically pick up any Silverlight application embedded in the page and display the structure of the application in the Explorer. The Explorer presents XAP Package, Isolated Storage, Application Styles, the UI Automation tree and the UI element structure of a Silverlight application. Explore the structure and view and edit the details of the selected UI element in the Details pane. Silverlight Spy works with any web page hosting Silverlight 2 and 3 content, just point the browser to the page and let the Spy figure it out.

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