Daily Blog Post 04/24/2009

  • free wp-premium theme with 3 color schemes

    Featured in Smashing Magazine, this famous free theme has been praised a lot by actual wordpress users for it’s elegance, usability, strategic layout and SEO friendy code.

    Now, this free theme is 2.7 ready with new useful features and code update. With paid version, you get theme support and some exclusive features such as Theme control panel, more colorschemes and so on..

    tags: wordpress, template, free

  • There’re 50 professional looking free WordPress themes in this post. After scrolling through hundreds of themes across the Web, these themes have been manually selected since they are apart in terms of professional look and easy customization. They all can be downloaded, customized and used for free in both personal and commercial projects. Tell me about your favorite WordPress themes in the comments.

    tags: blogarticle, wordpress, template, free

  • This post is about enabling web slices on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

    The following example will demonstrate how to easily implement a simple control adapter which will render the required html code for turning any web part on your server into a live web slice.

    tags: moss, sharepoint, ie8, webpart, development

  • SharePoint (Performance, Stress ) Load Testing

    Whenever I’ve helped my customers in performance testing and analysis of SharePoint, I get one common question: Can you tell us more about „SharePoint Load Testing“ and links where I can learn more? Doing a quick web search on „SharePoint Load Testing“ or „SharePoint Performance Testing“ – you get all kinds of results such as data population tools, performance tuning techniques, handling large lists etc. However, it’s not very easy to get results about, How to go about load testing SharePoint, what are the counters that i should measure, where can i find real life bench mark results of SharePoint? That’s exactly, what I am trying to in this post. I’m trying to cover all the resources that I know about load testing. I wouldn’t be covering much about Performance Tuning and Analysis.

    tags: sharepoint, moss, performance, test, blogarticle, analysis

  • tags: ebook, german, shop

  • Here’s a collection of some cool Microsoft BI Demos that I use regularly to showcase aspects of the Microsoft BI stack and show interesting examples of what insight to information can actually accomplish.

    tags: blogarticle, businessintelligence, microsoft, sqlserver, olap, dashboard, demo

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