links for 2009-04-16

  • A simple and light Silverlight framework for creating managed code splash screens, preloaders and loader projects.
    The framework is written in managed code (C#).


    One of the strongest features of silverlight is the ability to write complex applications, that will run on most browsers and be portable across different operating systems, in managed code.

    The current built in Silverlight mechanism to write a Splash screen/ pre loader in Silverlight requires you to dirty your hands in non managed code (JavaScript) and be subjected to some other limitations. Writing non managed code can be both time consuming and harder to maintain.

    This is where the Silverlight loader project comes in. Silverlight loader is a simple, light, managed code framework that can easily be added to any Silverlight project in order to create managed code splash screens, pre loaders, loaders etc.

  • NextDocs is the leading provider of regulatory document and quality management software solution based on SharePoint 2007. Our products are purpose-built for businesses in highly regulated environments. By improving on Microsoft's dynamic SharePoint platform, NextDocs document management solutions are cost-effective, intuitive, flexible and scalable.

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