links for 2009-04-02

  • This project regroups various other projects to propose a set of tools for SharePoint. Sub components offer features such as SharePoint Document Rating, Form Designer, Ajax enabled lookup field, Content Type Explorer, Feature Explorer, Audience to group convertor…

    Latest change : SharePoint – SPForms Designer – Have a look at the link below

    *This release comprises a new version of the document rating system where users can now rate :

    – A dedicated MOSS solution has been built and includes a rating page layout and a rating policy. Look at the manual included in the release tab to know more about it.

    – custom lists, document libraries, picture libraries, issue lists, calendars, links
    – discussion boards
    – pages.
    – Blog posts
    – Moderator module
    – The system also contains a site definition and is now available in English, French & Dutch
    See the link in the project description for more info.*

  • Creating and maintaining a site has never been easier. Graffiti CMS allows you to quickly publish and maintain dynamic content Web sites with little or no knowledge of Web programming.

    Graffiti marries powerful content management capabilities with modern publishing tools found in social media applications (like blogs). Whether it's your personal blog, your family Web site, or a presence for your small business, Graffiti is the best solution for simple content management.

  • CompleteSharepoint.NET is a content management system (CMS) built on top of Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3.0). This CMS is meant to be a simple alternative to Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) 2007.
    CompleteSharepoint.NET is a simple alternative to MOSS 2007. It's an open source content management system built on top of Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 (WSS) written by Tommy Segoro working at L7 Solutions.
    CompleteSharepoint.NET offers a simple alternative to MOSS 2007. This web content management system has its own page editing toolbar, pages library, field editing controls and many other features which MOSS 2007 has. Having said that though, this CMS (at its current stage) does NOT have ALL of the features that MOSS has
  • KWizCom SharePoint 2007 Wiki Plus is an advanced, comprehensive and complete Wiki solution for SharePoint. Its unique additional features make it the ideal tool for true crossorganization knowledge sharing.
    Wiki Plus supports MOSS 2007 standard and enterprise editions.

    Wiki Plus key features include:

    * Support for standard Wiki markup language
    * Improved content editing capabilities
    * Complete taxonomy solution (Web 2.0 tagging / Hierarchical categories)
    * Content rating (5 stars)
    * Support for RSS feeds / Alerts / subscriptions on wiki pages
    * Content lifecycle management
    * Support for discussions on Wiki pages
    * Advanced reporting
    * Wiki content templates
    * Enable adding images and file attachments to wiki pages – the easy way!
    * True SharePoint integration – it's all standard SharePoint behind the scenes – No separate maintenance costs!

  • KwizCom

    SharePoint Quick Launch Web Part
    SharePoint List Menu Editor
    SharePoint Unique Field Feature
    SharePoint XML Site Map Builder
    SharePoint Forum Web Part
    SharePoint InfoPath Form Viewer Web Part
    SharePoint URL Field with File Picker
    SharePoint Remote List Viewer
    SharePoint Image Rotator Web Part
    WSS Cross Site Search
    SharePoint Current Item Property Web Part
    SharePoint Org. Chart Web Part
    Probability Impact Matrix Web Part
    SharePoint Search String Highlighter
    SharePoint Picture Library Plus
    SharePoint List Filter Plus
    SharePoint List Aggregator
    SharePoint Rating Solution
    SharePoint Survey Web Part – Survey Plus
    SharePoint Media Plus Web Part
    SharePoint Cascading Lookup Plus Field Type
    SharePoint Calendar Web Part – Calendar Plus
    SharePoint List Forms Extensions Feature
    SharePoint List Chart Web Part
    SharePoint Tagging Feature

  • Desklighter is a windows utility that will create a “Desklight” from Silverlight xap file. The Desklight is a standalone exe application that renders Silverlight content that is easily portable and accessible. With Desklighter, you can share your Silverlight applications without having to worry about the hosting infrastructure. Distribute your Silverlight content whenever and wherever you need it. The possibilities are endless.

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