Daily Blog Post 01/08/2009

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  • nfoZoom unterstützt Sie als Fachanwender dabei, in modernen Business Intelligence-Prozessen immer größer werdende Datenmengen bewältigen zu können. InfoZoom setzt an zwei Stellen innerhalb dieser BI-Prozesse an: Beim Data Profiling , das eine schnelle und präzise Diagnose der Quelldaten ermöglicht sowie im Frontend-Bereich als intuitiv bedienbares Ad-hoc Analyse- und Reporting -Tool. Für beide Anwendungsbereiche sind keine Programmierkenntnisse oder sonstiges Expertenwissen nötig.

    tags: software, commercial, database, analytics, analysis, olap, infozoom, businessintelligence

  • Telerik OpenAccess is an Enterprise-grade ORM that simplifies the data access plumbing in desktop and web applications. With both forward and reverse mapping support, the tool offers transparent persistence for your DAL and business objects. OpenAccess ORM provides tight Visual Studio integration and allows you to create database independent code seamlessly. You will find many advanced features for code optimization and caching, as well as customization freedom to generate the code You want.

    tags: software, development, orm, .net, programming

  • TheLastRipper can save Last.fm streams to mp3’s, while downloading album cover, appending ID3v2 tags and organizing you music after Artist/Album/Track. TheLastRipper will also help you generate playlists from the data available from you Last.fm account.

    Recording Last.fm streams to mp3’s
    Organize your music in directories: Artist/Album/Track/
    Downloads coverart
    Generates playlist in M3U, SMIL, PLS
    New – Now appends ID3v2 tags
    New – Improved clipping of songs
    New – International characters
    New – Support for http proxies
    New – General exception handling dialog
    New – OS X version now made in Cocoa#, now more native look and feel..

    tags: last.fm, ripper, ripping, software, freeware, windows, sound, music

  • DVIS Web Parts

    The following list gives an overview of the currently available ADVIS Web Parts.

    All of our Web Parts are available as free demo versions and some are even free of charge at all. To download them you must be registered on the site. However you are not allowed to sell them to third parties.If you are using them in any commercial environment, let us know where! Our developers will be proud to know their work is spread all over the world.
    Name Free Free Demo Full WSS SPS WSSV3 MOSS2007
    Site Navigator V2
    Site Navigator V3 New
    Area Navigator
    Change My Password V2
    Change My Password V3 New
    Change My Expired Password New
    Active Directory User Manager
    Active Directory User Manager V3 New
    Site Searcher
    Navigation Trail
    List Viewer
    List Viewer V3New
    Get User
    Mailing List
    Mailing List V3New
    Page Header
    Area Properties
    Area Map

    tags: webpart, sharepoint, moss, activedirectory, commercial, addon, overview

  • Project Description
    This is a PowerShell script that will help you prepare the deployment of a SharePoint (WSS/MOSS) installation.
    – Set a default password for the accounts
    – Create an OU SharePoint
    – Create the group SPAdmins
    – Create the accounts SPInstall, SPServices, SPSearch, SPContent, SPCAAppPool, SPAppPool, SPAdmin
    – Change the domain policy for the accounts (things like logon as a service etc…)
    – Add users to several groups (like domain admins, remote users, …)

    tags: tools, powershell, sharepoint, account, codeplex, opensource, serviceaccount

  • Project Description
    Two web parts for SharePoint 2007. One to allow users to maintain their own profile information, and the other to allow them to reset their AD password.

    tags: toolkit, sharepoint, webpart, moss, activedirectory, codeplex, opensource

  • Project Description
    Web parts show propertly from active directory

    System requierement:
    – FrameWork 3.5
    – MOSS 2007 or WSS 3.0

    tags: webpart, sharepoint, moss, codeplex, opensource, activedirectory, free

  • Welcome to Wotsit.org, the programmer’s file and data format resource. This site contains information on hundreds of different file types, data types, hardware interface details and all sorts of other useful programming information; algorithms, source code, specifications, etc.

    tags: linklist, overview, directory, fileformats, database, formats

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