Hersteller von nützlichen SharePoint Addons

Die Firma KWizCom entwickelt eine Reihe von interessanten Addons und Erweiterungen für SharePoint.


Es gibt eine grosse Anzahl von Addons (siehe unten). Daneben gibt es auch noch diverse „grosse“ Erweiterungen. Z.B. Wikiplus sowie SharePoint to go – eine Lösung zum Synchronisieren des Desktops mit SharePoint Listen etc.

SharePoint Current Item Property Web Part

Add Dynamic information from external sources to your SharePoint View/Edit Item pages in just few minutes!

SharePoint Calendar Web Part – Calendar Plus

Aggregate all personal and shared scheduling data from various sources into a single calendar view!

SharePoint Survey Web Part – Survey Plus

Survey Web Part – Survey Plus provides an enhanced survey interface, including great-looking charts and fully customized questions/results interface.

Probability Impact Matrix Web Part

SharePoint Probability Impact Matrix web part is a SharePoint web part integrated with Project Server 2007. This unique product visually shows the project risks on a probability-impact matrix, based on the PMBOK risk management methodology.

SharePoint Search String Highlighter

An add-on to Microsoft SharePoint (2003 and 2007) that adds word highlighting to the search results page and inside the found documents.

WSS Cross Site Search

Cross-site, textual & property-based search for Windows SharePoint Services (WSS 3.0).

(and you don’t have to buy MOSS 2007 for advanced search capabilities!)

SharePoint List Filter Plus

Filter and find information in your SharePoint lists – Now easier than ever with SharePoint List Filter Plus web part!

SharePoint Picture Library Plus

Upgrade your image viewing capabilities now!

KWizCom SharePoint Picture Library Plus web part provides convenient display capabilities for your SharePoint Picture Libraries or any other standard SharePoint document list.

SharePoint Org. Chart Web Part

SharePoint Organization Chart web part displays a hierarchical view of organization breakdown structure (OBS), based on an external EXCEL or XML data file.

SharePoint Image Rotator Web Part

Display pictures from remote locations with exciting and advanced effects!

SharePoint Tagging Feature

Tagging and categorizing content using WEB 2.0-style tags or Hierarchical logic category trees is now available for SharePoint!

SharePoint Remote List Viewer

The KWizCom Remote List Viewer web part is a Microsoft SharePoint Web Part, which displays lists that are located in other SharePoint sites!

SharePoint Dual Lookup Field Type

Take your SharePoint lists to the next step with the advanced KWizCom SharePoint Dual Lookup Field Type!

SharePoint URL Field with File Picker

KWizCom SharePoint URL Field with File Picker is a Microsoft SharePoint field that replaces the regular „URL“ column and adds a „Browse“ button that enables users to select existing files!

SharePoint Rating Solution

KWizCom SharePoint Rating Solution enables users to rate, and provide comments on documents and list items!

SharePoint InfoPath Form Viewer Web Part

This new web part allows you to easily publish, present and view your forms!

SharePoint List Aggregator

Easily aggregate data from a variety of lists and libraries, into a single clear, great looking consolidated view !

SharePoint Forum Web Part

At last the SharePoint Discussions list gets the look of Internet groups interface!

SharePoint XML Site Map Builder

The new KWizCom SharePoint XML Site Map Builder creates a standard XML site map file for SharePoint-based Internet web sites!

SharePoint Unique Fields Feature

Aggregate and display your recent created/updated documents located on your corporate SharePoint Portal Server.

SharePoint Offline – ShareGo

Work in your familiar Windows desktop environment, stay synchronized with your corporate SharePoint server/s.

SharePoint List Menu Editor

Ever needed a new customized menu in a SharePoint list/document library? With SharePoint List Menu Editor it’s easy!.

SharePoint Quick Launch Web Part

Share applications and web links in any required scope – team, department, organization. KWizCom SharePoint Quick Launch displays a drop-down list of links and applications, enabling users to launch a required application or web url.


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