Daily Blog Post 11/06/2008

  • CardioLog Lite for SharePoint 2007 is a FREE web analytics solution for SharePoint 2007. It is delivered with a set of basic SharePoint 2007 usage reports, with optional SharePoint report bundles.
    CardioLog Lite for SharePoint 2007
    Screen shots

    Specially built for authenticated environments, CardioLog Lite for SharePoint 2007 provides enhanced visitor segmentation – which is available through seamless integration with the organization’s Active Directory.

    CardioLog Lite for SharePoint 2007 includes an adaptors for SharePoint 2007 – which uses an advanced JavaScript tracking agent to monitor visitor actions such as item additions and deletions, document viewing, search results clicks and other Web 2.0 actions. In addition, this adaptor identifies the structure of the SharePoint 2007 portal and enables easy reporting for specific content areas.

    CardioLog Lite’s client UI is a complete HTML solution – enabling users to view reports in many ways. Reports can be easily integrated into portal pages by exporting them to web parts, or launched directly from the portal.

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  • Easy Relax lets you listen to seven existing relaxing sounds like “Into the West” or “Windy Autumn Afternoon”. The selected ambient noise can be set on a timer from 30 minutes to 24 hours and volume levels can be adjusted. But the real appeal of Easy Relax is the option to create your own playlist and thereby customizing your relaxation library. You can design your own themes by selecting background music and pairing it with ambient noises like air, waves, birds, or water falls.

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  • Nintex Workflow 2007 enables organisations to build complex workflow processes quickly and easily using a web browser interface. Nintex Workflow 2007 empowers users across the organization to automate business processes, review workflow activities and automate common SharePoint administrative tasks.

    Nintex Workflow 2007 is available in three editions – Standard, Enterprise and Workgroup.

    Empower business users across your organisation to:

    * Automate business processes
    * See real-time feedback of workflow activities
    * Create workflows in hours not days
    * Automate common SharePoint administrative tasks
    * Generate rich enterprise-level reporting
    * Draw it, not code it

    Empower developers across your organisation to:

    * Connect to external data via SQL, Web Services, LDAP, XML
    * Create and use your own Workflow Foundation activities
    * Interact via a Web Service API
    * Extend and customize using the Nintex Workflow SDK
    * BizTalk integration
    * Active Directory provisioning

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2 Gedanken zu “Daily Blog Post 11/06/2008

  1. MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint is another analytics solution. It can be useful for your SharePoint projects: more than 40 customizable interactive reports about SharePoint internal/external portals, great features like full integration with MOSS/WSS/AD, simple implementation and excellent price.

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