Daily Blog Post 08/18/2008

  • LINQ to Active Directory implements a custom LINQ query provider that allows querying objects in Active Directory. Internally, queries are translated into LDAP filters which are sent to the server using the System.DirectoryServices .NET Framework library. LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and is one of the core features of Microsoft’s .NET Framework 3.5 release. More information can be found via the MSDN website on http://msdn.microsoft.com.


    * Translates into LDAP filters according to RFC 2254.
    * Simple and approachable entity model with support of propagating updates back.
    * Supports mappings to both the System.DirectoryServices (.NET) and ActiveDs (COM) APIs.
    * Ships with a set of samples.

    tags: linq, activedirectory, component, .net, programming, codeplex, opensource


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