Daily Blog Post 08/15/2008

  • LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional is an all-in-one file conversion solution that allows you to convert your documents or images from ANY Windows application to over 150 file types including PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, Multi-page TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG and many more.

    ePrint Professional includes two printer modes – ePrint printer and ePrint Workstation printer, offering you flexibilty and different levels of control over the converted documents you produce. The ePrint printer is a simple, easy-to-use interface that directs you to the file format selection screen for deciding what format you want to save to. The ePrint Workstation printer is a desktop application that provides advanced document manipulation and increased control over your converted files. Add custom annotations, forms and stationery and more! Just click „Print“ from within any application to choose ePrint printer or ePrint Workstation printer for easy file conversion and document management.
    Key Features:

    * File Format Conversion from ANY Application Convert to more than 150 file formats including PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and HTML from any Windows application.
    * PDF Creation and Conversion
    * Create, convert and edit PDF with ePrint. Get complete control of your PDF output with features like Font embedding, watermarks, compression options, bookmarks, security options, and more.
    * Combine Multiple Documents into One File
    * Use the ePrint Workstation printer for advanced document manipulation and increased control over your converted documents. Edit your print job by adding annotations, forms and stationery, change page order by using cut and paste and inserting empty pages, set up task printers, and much more!
    * Set up task printers – Configure your own “printer” that performs a series of actions that you define. Use the Task Printers Manager (located in the start menu) to manage the task printers that you create.
    * Batch conversion – The ePrint Workstation gives you the ability to load multiple image files and convert them with one click. Save to any of over 150 formats that ePrint supports.
    * Click here for the complete list of features

    tags: virtualprinter, converter, pdf, software, shareware, annotations, forms, printing

  • Axialis IconWorkshop™ Lite Version

    Axialis Software, in association with Microsoft Corporation, presents Axialis IconWorkshop Lite for Visual Studio 2008:

    * 100% Free for Visual Studio 2008 users;
    * Make icons for Windows up to 256×256 PNG-compressed icons for Windows Vista™ and include them in your software projects;
    * Use an advanced icon editor with various tools, filters and effects;
    * Work efficiently using a Plug-in for Visual Studio 2008;
    * Create icons from images or ready-to-use image objects;
    * Use a fully integrated workspace with librarian, built-in file explorer with thumbnail preview, image viewer and more…

    tags: software, freeware, visualstudio, icon, editor

  • Use Dapper to create new means for people to access your content. Create RSS feeds, widgets, and APIs with your content and links.

    tags: rss, web2.0, mashup, aggregator, syndication, tools, feeds

  • Interesting, I keep asking this question a lot and the responses I get are something that un-nerves me. In that, in Silverlight there is a native RSS Reader built in, so the ability to consume an RSS Feed is so easy, it’s almost cheating (Sharepoint readers, pay attention here).

    The secret to this can be found in the namespace:

    using System.ServiceModel.Syndication;

    tags: silverlight, sharepoint, rss, syndication, codesnippet, blogarticle

  • This report reviews the designs and usability of ten applications that were chosen from a much larger number of nominated designs. The report is richly illustrated with 206 full-color screenshots, giving readers the unique opportunity to see good user interfaces from highly specialized applications that are usually not available to the public.

    The 10 winning applications are:

    * Campaign Monitor by Eyeblaster (Israel): integrated management of multiple advertising campaigns for media buyers.
    * CMSBox by CMSBox (Switzerland): content management system.
    * FotoFlexer by Arbor Labs (USA): photo editor.
    * PRISMAprepare by Océ (Netherlands): print shop software.
    * Seating Management by Magellan Network and DesignMap (USA): hostess stand reservation book for restaurants.
    * SQL diagnostic manager by Idera (USA): database performance monitoring and diagnostics.
    * SugarSync by Sharpcast (USA): synchronizing files across multiple computers.
    * SuperSaaS by SuperSaaS (Netherlands): creating and hosting scheduling and reservation systems.
    * Wufoo by Infinity Box, Inc. (USA): online forms, surveys, invitations, and payments.
    * Xero by Xero (New Zealand): accounting for small businesses.

    These applications represent both mission-critical applications and apps targeted at a broader audience.

    The bulk of the report consists of detailed case studies of each of the ten winning applications, including discussions of the main problems they faced and how these problems were overcome in the design process.

    tags: pdf, gui, usability, report

  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007 lookup control with element picker for custom list.
    This control is useful if you need to choose lookup data from large lists. This control supports single and multi select mode.

    tags: sharepoint, control, picker, codeplex, opensource

  • tags: sharepoint, webpart, opensource, activedirectory, blogarticle, organigram, hierarchy

  • The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom workflow, a 124 page PDF e-book, is a workshop in book form. This workflow, while not exhaustive will cover the main topics of a shooting workflow then move into a RAW processing workflow with Adobe Lightroom Version 2.0 and Photoshop CS3. This book gets down to the nuts and bolts of a real world workflow. With so many new updates and changes in Lightroom 2.0 this eBook was almost completely re-written and presents a workflow that can be adapted by any photographer, professional or amateur.

    tags: lightroom, workflow, ebbok, knowhow

  • Embed your wiki

    Any Confluence wiki page or blog post can be embedded into SharePoint. This allows you to blend enterprise documents and lists with agile wiki content, all on a single SharePoint page.

    Wikis aren’t wikis without the „Edit“ button — so we made sure to put one in. You can edit embedded Confluence wiki pages directly from SharePoint with a single click.

    Beyond wiki pages, you can embed dynamic Confluence page trees into SharePoint, for ease of navigating your wiki content.
    Extend SharePoint

    Through embedded wiki content, SharePoint users can now access Confluence’s multitude of plugins (like charts, diagrams, image galleries, maps and database content) within their pages.

    tags: wiki, sharepoint, confluence, connector, plugin, software, atlassian

  • Gute Übersicht über MOSS, Sharepoint Services. Erklärt die einzelnen Gebiete (Collab, Content Mgm, BI, Serarch…) in einfachen Worten.

    tags: sharepoint, overview, presentation, ressourcen


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