Daily Blog Post 06/28/2008

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    Last update: 20 Apr 2008
    PIM Backup application (v2.8)licence

    The PIM backup application is a tool that allows to backup/restore personal information stored on windows mobile based pocket devices. Concerning the personal information, I refer to contacts, appointments, tasks, messages, calls,…
    The backup is totally independent of the version of Windows Mobile running on the device and independent of the device itself. The backup is also independent of the language used on the device. You can easily backup on a Chinese device and restore in a German one.

    There are two kinds of backups. The binary based backup has been implemented in order to have a backup/restore process which is fast and more reliable, the disadvantage being that the backup contents cannot be easily modified or viewed.
    The text based backup has been implemented in order to see/edit the contents on a pc for instance.

    tags: windowsmobile, backup, software, freeware, pocketpc, pim, sms


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