Daily Blog Post 06/05/2008

  • New Features

    You’ll also get an early look at some improvements and new features we’ve been working on:
    Video and Image Publishing Enhancements

    * Upload videos to Soapbox
    * Image cropping and tilting
    * Additional border styles
    * Support for LightBox and other image previewing effects (like Slimbox, Smoothbox, and others)
    * Support for centering images

    Editing Enhancements

    * Auto Linking
    * Smart quotes/typographic characters
    * Word count

    UI Improvements

    * Revised main toolbar
    * Tabs for view switching
    * Improved category control with search/filtering

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  • What is ZuluPad?

    ZuluPad is a notepad on crack. It’s a place to jot down class notes, appointments, to-do lists, favorite websites, annotated bookmarks, pretty much anything you can think of. The great thing about ZuluPad is that it combines the best parts of a notepad with the best parts of a wiki, a concept made popular by Wikipedia. The basic idea has been called a personal wiki or a desktop wiki. Say for instance, you’re a music major, and you’re studying Bach. You’ve taken notes on Bach in ZuluPad, and after a long 16 weeks have finally completed the semester. Sometime after the summer break, you’re taking notes on Beethoven, and your teacher mentions a way in which Beethoven was influenced by Bach. As soon as you type „Bach“ into your notes, it’s underlined as a hyperlink. You think to yourself, „oh yeah, I know a few things about Bach“. So you click the link, and you can read all of your Bach notes. While you’re reading your Bach notes, you happen to notice a link to a page about Henry Purcell, and you can refresh your memory about him, too.

    Or, for instance, imagine that you’re a salesman with 100+ clients. You recognize them all when you see them, but it’s hard to keep their names straight. You’ve jotted down an appointment to meet with John Smith in ZuluPad, and „John Smith“ is immediately highlighted. You click the link, and you’re reminded that John hates fish, loves golf, tends to annoy you, but always orders a lot.

    ZuluPad is now available in two flavors: The original ZuluPad is opensource under the GPL, and ZuluPad Pro can be purchased for $15

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  • Welcome to TiddlyWiki, a popular free MicroContent WikiWikiWeb created by JeremyRuston and a busy Community of independent developers. It’s written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to run on any modern browser without needing any ServerSide logic. It allows anyone to create personal SelfContained hypertext documents that can be posted to a WebServer, sent by email or kept on a USB thumb drive to make a WikiOnAStick. Because it doesn’t need to be installed and configured it makes a great GuerillaWiki. This is revision 2.4.0 of TiddlyWiki (see recent changes), and is published under an OpenSourceLicense.

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  • tags: wiki, tiddlywiki, personalwiki, selfmanagement, informationmanagement, usbstick

  • An easy-to-use entry-level TiddlyWiki tutorial

    tags: tiddlywiki, wiki, tutorial, howto, reference, personalwiki

  • TiddlyVault is a comprehensive collection of plugins, macros, and other extensions available to enhance your TiddlyWiki experience. It is a sequel of sorts to my tutorial Tiddlywiki for the rest of us and also to TiddlyWiki in Action, my showcase of others‘ TiddlyWikis from around the world.\n\nThere are over 400 plugins, macros and themes listed. An official repository for plugins (and I assume macro and other extensions) is being developed and when that is ready I will include here a link to the repository for you. So feel free to bookmark this page as your source forTiddlyWiki extensions. And bookmark the pages of the extensions you use most.

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  • ikidPad is a Wiki-like notebook for storing your thoughts, ideas, todo lists, contacts, or anything else you can think of to write down.\n\nWhat makes wikidPad different from other notepad applications is the ease with which you can cross-link your information. Links in a wiki are created by typing in WikiWords. A WikiWord is any mixed case word typed into the editor. TodoList or JohnDoe are example WikiWords. The term wiki means „quick“ in Hawaiian, and wikis are all about quickly linking your information together. Wikis are not a new concept, in fact there are many web based wiki servers available.

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  • This article describes best practices for developing workflows for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 by using Microsoft Visual Studio. (23 printed pages)

    tags: sharepoint, workflow, workflowfoundation, gettingstarted, msdn, visualstudio

  • onnectedText is a powerful but simple information management system, based on wiki principles. Indeed, it is a personal wiki system. But this only begins to describe it. ConnectedText is also much more than that. It is:\n\n * a free-form note-taking and note-management application that allows you to keep an unlimited number of notes in one file (or many files), instantly accessible by sophisticated full-text searches that can span all open files; and navigating between topics is a breeze: it’s like a notebook with an unlimited number of pages (which can be linked to one another easily)\n * a freetext database (i.e. no „fields“) with hyper-linking ability, providing you with a fast and easy way to store and structure or organize all your notes; with ConnectedText you can master the tremendous quantity of information available and necessary to do well in today’s world\n * a thinking tool or workpad for your ideas and thoughts, allowing you to structure and organize them by means of categories, and in many other ways; it can be as simple or sophisticated as you want it to be\n * a more than just rudimentary outliner: with it’s outlining view working like a one-pane outliner, though it can also be made to work two-pane outliner, as topics from the file can be dragged into the outliner.\n * a clipboard collection tool: when the clipboard catcher is on, anything copied to the Windows Clipboard is automatically transfered to a ConnectedText topic; but you can also drag and drop information from almost any source on the Web or your computer\n

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  • Create a Layered Glowing Text Effect
    In Text Effects by Kyle Pero

    In this tutorial, we will create this effect using very basic Photoshop tools and layering effects. This tutorial is simple enough for a beginner to understand, but I should warn you that in this tutorial there ends up being over 60 active text layers, which will require a heavy use of your computer’s memory. Let’s jump into this tutorial and layer some glowing text.

    tags: photoshop, psdtuts, effect, ext, tutorial, tutorialstomake

  • Dramatic Text on Fire Effect in Photoshop
    In Text Effects by Collis

    Flames are particularly hard to render in Photoshop, but in this tutorial I’ll show you how to use a photograph of fire to set text to the match. We’ll render the look on a nice dark background with a gorgeous text effect to complete the image.

    tags: photoshop, tutorial, psdtuts, fire, text, effect, tutorialstomake

  • Thematic Mapping Engine (TME) enables you to visualise global statistics on Google Earth. The primary data source is UNdata.

    The engine returns a KMZ file that you can open in Google Earth or download to your computer.

    So far only prism maps are supported, but other thematic mapping techniques will be added in the upcoming weeks.

    tags: googleearth, googlemaps, mapcreation

  • Announcing the VSeWSS version 1.2!

    Hi everyone, Chris Johnson from the WSS PM team here. We are really excited and pleased to announce that Version 1.2 of the Visual Studio extensions for WSS is now available for download!

    This version adds Visual Studio 2008 support to the extensions. This is something many of you have been asking for.

    Download VSeWSS 1.2 right here.

    Today we are releasing the English edition of the Version 1.2 extensions. We will be releasing the German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, and Korean language versions shortly.

    We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting VS2008 support, so we hope this release will help you build fantastic SharePoint solutions with the latest Visual Studio toolset.

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