Daily Blog Post 05/22/2008

  • In the overview below we present 40 excellent, free and professional icons for desktop and web design. Some of them can be used for both private and commercial projects. You may always use them for fre in your private projects. Nevertheless, it is always worth to take a look at the license agreements — they can change from time to time.

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  • Kivati Studio is a composite application management product that provides powerful scripted deployment capabilities for the Microsoft® Office® SharePoint 2007 platform. Using Kivati Studio, you can quickly and easily build scripts to develop and deploy even the most complex applications and content.

    The right solution for your business

    As SharePoint environments become more complex deploying and managing composite applications can be very time consuming, stressing already taxed resources, schedules, and budgets. Kivati Studio is the right solution for your business because it can help you:

    * Decrease the cost of application management with scripted deployment tools that can eliminate manual processes and expedite project schedules.
    * Reduce the time required for solution management by enabling repeatable deployment and automation of composite applications built on the Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 platform.
    * Improve the quality of your composite applications with tested and repeatable processes that provide consistency in deployed applications and enable source control tools.
    * Scale your systems across multiple environments and locations.
    * Expand your IT resources with a solution that simplifies application deployment and management–freeing up your more valuable resources for strategic projects.

    The right solution for your projects

    Kivati Studio is very versatile and works across a wide variety of scenarios including:

    * Deployment of complete composite applications. Build your entire application in a Kivati Studio project and easily deploy it again and again and to many different environments.
    * Deployment of content management sites. Automatically create complete site taxonomies and content using Kivati Studio’s simple processes.
    * Use data to drive deployments. Simplifiy your deployments using a spreadsheet or database as the foundation for building your SharePoint sites and applications.
    * Large-scale batch changes across an entire environment or application. Need to add a web part on every page on your portal? It’s easy to make these changes with Kivati Studio.
    * Automation of repetitive tasks. Tired of manually checking in and approving large lists of files? Create a Kivati Studio project and easily automate this process–reducing your time and costs.
    * Daily builds and continuous integration. Integrate SharePoint with other build tools to enable good software development practices.

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  • Calibrize is free software that helps you to calibrate the colors of your monitor in three simple steps. Just download the software and follow the procedure to generate a reliable color ‚profile‘ and adjust the colors of your monitor automatically.

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