Daily Blog Post 05/19/2008

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  • I wrote an ASP.Net 2.0 based Web application few days back using which you can manage basic functionality for your IIS 6.0 Web Sites from any where, any time over the Internet.

    Here are the features I have incorporated in this application.

    Application Pool related activities

    · Recycle/Start/Stop Application Pool(s)

    · Change Application Pool Identity.

    · Check features like Application Pool Recycling options, Current state of an Application Pool and current Application Pool Identity.

    · Enumerate an Application Pool to see the Web applications running under it.

    Web Site related activities

    · Start/Stop Web Site(s)

    · Check features like current Web Site state, and some configuration related settings like Web Site physical path, Server Bindings, Secure Bindings, Authentication method, SSL access, Application Pool etc.


    · At times the only way to recover from a problem is to restart IIS services. You can restart all IIS services like IISADMIN, SMTP and World Wide Web Publishing service from any where through this application. It’s equivalent to executing an IISRESET /force from the command prompt.

    You can find more details on this here

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  • The Crew Earth Observations Team shares their „Top Ten“ Crew Earth Observations. Check them out and share your thoughts on a blog with Sue Runco, Earth remote sensing scientist at Johnson Space Center.

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