Daily Blog Post 05/14/2008

  • USB PC Lock Pro
    Thumbnails Screenshot Download

    USB PC Lock Pro Turns any USB Flash Drive into a key that prevents unauthorized people from using your computer. USB PC Lock will automatically lock your computer and perform other actions when you step away from it.
    Key Features:

    Lock worksation when you step away.
    Lock MSN Messenger.
    Stop streaming media traffic.
    Mute audio.
    Start/Stop event logger.
    Start/Stop batch.

    tags: software, freeware, usb, flashdrive, lock

  • PhraseExpress organizes your frequently used text snippets and allows pasting them into any application.

    * Expand abbreviations and common phrases as you type
    * Launch applications by entering text shortcuts
    * Autocomplete phrases with the predictive text recognition
    * Quickly handle email responses

    Freeware Download
    2,1 MB, for Windows
    Eliminate repetitive typing

    Do you find yourself typing common phrases over and over again?

    PhraseExpress saves you countless keystrokes and expands custom abbreviations into frequently used text snippets. Typing ‚btw‘ expands into ‚by the way‘ or typing ‚excel‘ can open your spreadsheet program in a snap.

    Watch the video demo
    Predictive text auto-completion

    The unique text prediction feature automatically recognizes repetitive phrases and autocomplete them on demand.

    PhraseExpress increases your productivity straight out-of-the-box and does not require you to tediously define phrases and their corresponding abbreviations by hand like in other text snippet utilities.

    The text prediction feature is language independent and learns in real-time. Existing documents and Outlook Emails can be scanned to personalize PhraseExpress to your writing style.

    tags: software, freeware, productivity, utilities, windows, text

  • With the introduction of Silverlight 2.0 beta 1 at MIX08 in March, the infant Silverlight platform took a big step forward. It now has rich support for data binding. It has a vastly increased subset of WPF’s UI engine. It even has radical new technologies like Deep Zoom. But most importantly, Silverlight 2.0 beta 1 introduces a brand new collection of built-in UI controls.

    The new UI controls are not a surprise, but they are a key milestone in Silverlight’s maturation. Microsoft has always shipped platform technologies with a collection of built-in controls, and beta 1 ushers in that era for Silverlight. Developers evaluating the platform as an alternative to building applications in ASP.NET or WinForms can now seriously consider it since it has the beginnings of the complete UI productivity toolbox.

    tags: silverlight, gui, controls, usercontrols, blogarticle, article


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